To expand Pak-China cooperation, increasing the security of CPEC is imperative.

By Arif Mustafa
Published in Star News
December 31, 2021
2 min read
To expand Pak-China cooperation, increasing the security of CPEC is imperative.

ISLAMABAD: An important webinar on Pak-China historical friendship was held on the theme “70 Years of Pak-China Friendship”.The enemies of Pakistan and China are working hard to ruin this Iron relationship that we have to deal with because their negative activities have become unbearable and we will not allow them to do anything against this friendship.

He said that the special target of these negative elements is CPEC for which every effort will be made to protect and important foolproof security measures will be taken.

On the occasion, former Ambassador Inam-ul-Haq said that the basis of Pak-China relations is mutual respect and mutual benefit which is multi-dimensional in nature. He noted that the nature of the Pak-China relationship has been based on bilateral cooperation and “multifaceted”. Both countries have made invaluable contributions in the strategic, political, diplomatic, military, and other fields in the regional and international arenas.

Referring to new avenues of cooperation, he said that apart from arms manufacturing and IT sector, the tourism sector could be an area of future Pak-China cooperation process which would further strengthen Pak-China friendship.

Apart from consolidating the traditional areas of agricultural and economic cooperation, Dr. Fazal ur Rahman, Director of Pakistan Institute of China Studies, University of Sargodha, said that the IT sector could be an area for future cooperation, as China has been a global leader in and exporter of high tech.

On the occasion, Professor Tao Yitu, Director of the China Center for Research in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, said that China and Pakistan are successful regional communities with a common future. “The economies of China and Pakistan are interdependent and complementary. For example, CPEC is an ideal investment platform for China and it can improve infrastructure, upgrade industrial systems. It also helps in promoting foreign trade for Pakistan

The industrial chains of the two countries affect each other. In other words, a stronger Chinese economy could mean more Chinese investment in neighboring areas and a better investment climate could attract more investment. “


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