The Association of Builders & Developers Welcomes New Leadership

By Arif Mustafa
Published in Star News
December 31, 2021
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The Association of Builders & Developers Welcomes New Leadership

Mohsin Sheikhani has been formally elected as the Chairman of the Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD) for the 5th time. He was first elected to the highest position in the organization in 2011.

The duration of his tenure as acting Chairman will be 1 year, as per the bye-laws of the ABAD – an organization which represents over 700 builders and developers in the country.

An Overview of the ABAD

The Association of Builders and Developers, or ABAD, was first inaugurated in 1972. Its aims and objectives include the unifying and streamlining of construction and development activities within the private sector for the collective betterment of its members. It also offers assistance to Government bodies with the development of housing schemes and policies, and conducts in-depth research into matters affecting the construction industry.

Today, the ABAD has members from over 1000 of the leading construction companies of Pakistan. Within Karachi, the ABAD has played a pivotal role in the procurement of land as well as the obtainment of No Objection Certificates (NOC’s) from the Karachi Development Authority for its esteemed members. Other notable achievements include increasing the covered area of flats, standardizing the selling price of housing units, streamlining the leasing and mortgaging processes, and simplifying documentation procedures.

The ABAD values social responsibility above all else, and as such, it provides financial aid as well as other means of support to deserving institutions and welfare organizations. Providing access to the basic human right of having a safe space to live in is the vision behind the ABAD’s projects and endeavors.

Some notable members of the newly elected body of the ABAD include Senior Vice Chairman Saleem Kassim Patel and Vice Chairman Hanif Gohar.

The elections took place at the ABAD headquarters in Karachi, Pakistan, with an impressive voter turnout of approximately 77%. The outgoing chairman, Anwar Gagai, expressed great satisfaction with the transparency and fairness of the elections. He told the media that the elections were peaceful and held in a good atmosphere.


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