Gwadar Airport will be completed in 2 years – final plan announced

By Arif Mustafa
Published in Star News
December 31, 2021
2 min read
Gwadar Airport will be completed in 2 years – final plan announced

Gwadar : The good news from the air space of Balochistan has come and authorities have informed us that Our country Pakistan will have another world-class international airport as the completion date of Gwadar Airport has been announced according to which Gwadar Airport works shall be completed by September 2023., which means it will be made operational by 2 years only. and from here the travel facility will be available to the air travelers. -۔ Gwadar Airport will be the second airport in the country to accommodate the world’s largest passenger plane A-380.

It is to be noted that the construction work of the international airport under the CPEC project is in full swing in this coastal city of Balochistan for which funds were sanctioned in October last year, after which the regular construction work started. ۔ The project will cost a total of more than Rs 55 billion. Most of the funding for the project will be provided by China, the creator of the CPEC project.

According to sources, the cost of Gwadar Airport has increased by 147% while in 2007 the cost of Gwadar Airport was estimated at Rs 7 billion, and then in 2015 this estimate reached the extent of Rs 22 billion but construction could not be started. However, after the cost has skyrocketed in the last 14 years, Rs 34 billion will be provided by China for the construction of the project. The Prime Minister has taken a special interest in its construction as the Chinese administration had expressed strong resentment over the repeated unwarranted delays in the construction of the Gwadar Airport project. Now all pending issues have been resolved.

The project under CPEC has not been completed for several years due to various reasons. However, then Prime Minister Imran Khan took special interest and tried his best to start the construction of the project as soon as possible, and finally, the construction of the airport started. According to sources, China was outraged over the unwarranted delay in the Gwadar Airport project, after which the Prime Minister took a special interest in the project, and now in two years, the country’s most spectacular and world-class airport will become operational.


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