China Launches Environment-friendly Green energy projects under CPEC

By Arif Mustafa
Published in Star News
December 31, 2021
3 min read
China Launches Environment-friendly Green energy projects under CPEC

The value of the CPEC project is becoming increasingly apparent. It’s safe to say that this mega project will be the key to Pakistan’s economic prosperity as well as the door to a new era of development. A reflection of this reality can be seen through the impressive developments in the energy sector during the first phase of the CPEC project. According to Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed, one-third of the country’s massive energy demands are currently being met through new power projects developed under CPEC. The next phase of development include the game-changing and revolutionary Green Energy projects, which aim to provide sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to conventional fossil fuels.

What is Green Energy?

Green energy refers to any type of energy that’s generated via natural resources like sunlight, water and wind. Although this form of energy is usually derived from renewable resources, it’s not the same as renewable energy. The key difference is that green energy is produced in a way that isn’t harmful to the environment. For example, you might be able to generate power using organic material from a sustainable forest in a renewable way. However, the burning of this material will release CO2 into the environment causing pollution. Therefore, this method may be renewable, but it isn’t green.

Master Green Wind Power Project

One very notable example of a Green Energy Power Project is the newly launched Master Green Wind Power Project in Jhampir, Sindh. According to the initial scale and design of the project, we expect the power output of this project to be over 50 Megawatts (MW). The Master Green Wind Power Project has been contracted to the Hydro-China International Engineering Company who claim that the project is 99.86% reliable and functional in their feasibility studies. The completion of this project will help meet the growing demands for electricity in the region.

The Future of Green Energy in Pakistan

The Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Mr. Nong Rong, said that China would generate 168 million kWh of green energy to help Pakistan tackle its on-going energy crisis. Environment-friendly and sustainable energy projects are the need of the hour as the global climate is getting worse every year. The breakdown of the ozone layer and the resulting global warming has caused temperatures around the world to soar! Scientists continue to raise concerns regarding the rapidly deteriorating global climate crisis, and the effects of global warming. Pakistan’s climate change concerns include the increasing unpredictability of monsoons, the impact on the River Indus due to receding glaciers, and environmental disasters like droughts and floods. Therefore, it’s imperative that Pakistan continues its efforts to develop green energy power projects, even beyond the scope of CPEC.


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