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Mr. Mustafa is a gifted writer who has worked in some of the best news agencies in Pakistan. He ensures that his audience stays abreast of the latest news and happenings in Pakistan's real estate industry and beyond. He is a great asset to the Star Marketing team.
CPEC Chinese ambassador explained China has not created a China debt problem for Pakistan
CPEC Chinese ambassador explained China has not created a China debt problem for Pakistan
CPEC: Chinese ambassador explained: “China has not created a ‘China debt’ problem for Pakistan”
May 11, 2022
2 min
Gwadar Destined To Be the Next Dubai
A special ceremony to sign the MoU between The Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) and Green Palms Housing Project (GPHP) was held at the LCCI headquarters. The leadership of both these reputable organizations including President LCCI Mian Tariq Misbah and Chairman GPHP Amtij Rafi Butt were present at this momentous occasion. The ceremony was also addressed by Vice President Tahir Manzur Chaudhry and Senator Koda Babar.
December 31, 2021
3 min
China Launches Environment-friendly Green energy projects under CPEC
The value of the CPEC project is becoming increasingly apparent. It’s safe to say that this mega project will be the key to Pakistan’s economic prosperity as well as the door to a new era of development. A reflection of this reality can be seen through the impressive developments in the energy sector during the first phase of the CPEC project. According to Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed, one-third of the country’s massive energy demands are currently being met through new power projects developed under CPEC. The next phase of development include the game-changing and revolutionary Green Energy projects, which aim to provide sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to conventional fossil fuels.
December 31, 2021
3 min
راوی ریور فرنٹ اربن ڈویلپمنٹ منصوبہ
کرونا کے ہاتھوں معاشی و اقتصادی سرگرمیوں کو پہنچنے والے شدید نقصانات نے ملکی معیشت کو جس جمود میں مبتلاء کردیا تھا ، اب اس سے نکلنے کا سفر شروع ہوچکا ہے اور سی پیک پہ کام کی رفتار میں تیزی لائی جانے کے علاوہ راوی ریور فرنٹ منصوبے کی بحالی اور کام کا دوبارہ آغاز اس کے واضح اور حوصلہ افزاء اشارے ہیں-
February 22, 2022
5 min
تعمیراتی شعبے کو مہنگائی کے عفریت کےپنجے سے نکالئا لازم ہے
سی ملک کی معیشت کس حال میں ہے معاشی و اقتصادی تجزیہ کاروں کے لئے اس کو جانچنے کے ایک نہیں کئی پیمانے ہیں ، کوئی بیلنس آف ٹریڈ کو اہمیت دیتا ہے تو کوئی زرمبادلہ کے ذخائرکے حجم سے جانچتا ہے اور کسی کو اس کی برامدات کی کمائی سے سروکار رہتا ہے
March 2, 2022
4 min
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